Celebrating Canada 150 in King’s County and beyond

The Ritcey Report

June 22, 2017

As with the rest of Canada, Nova Scotia is geared up to celebrate our 150th Birthday this summer with an exhausting (especially if you have kids) range of events and spectacles to experience.

What follows is a necessarily selective list of options to choose from, covering events in our immediate Kentville and King’s County region, to others taking place in more distant (though drivable) locations in Nova Scotia. The scope of possibilities is enormous so forgive me for not being able to do justice to everything going on.

I don’t know about you, but my wife Melissa and I like spectacle, grabby events and experiences that are truly original, moving and make us feel proud to live and work in an astonishing part of a remarkable country. So let’s start with an event that, while not new, still has the power to inspire and delight:

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Economic fundamentals remain constructive

Here's what we're thinking

June 20, 2017

Global markets have recorded mixed results thus far through the first half of June with U.S. and Asian equity bourses posting gains while Canadian and European stock markets have slipped modestly. Meanwhile bonds have rallied and major currencies have universally gained against the US dollar. Overall, global economic fundamentals continue to evolve constructively with global growth firming in 2017 while also broadening out into all major regions. This has laid the groundwork for improving consumer and business spending, employment trends, and profit growth over the coming 12 to 18 months. Given the lack of inflationary pressures and tight monetary policies, we see recession risks over the coming year as low which should help extend the current market cycle through this year and likely much of next.

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