Extended economic recovery leaves cycle in later stages

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May 8, 2018

Recent economic data for the first quarter of 2018 suggest the global economy cooled off from its red-hot pace of the second half of last year. However, economic activity remains well above its trend (or potential) growth rate, resulting in diminished excess capacity across most economies. This is reflected in declining unemployment rates and rising capacity utilization rates. As a result, inflation readings have ticked higher as tighter labour and goods markets result in stronger wage gains and quicker price increases. In response, central bankers, including those in Canada and the United States, have become more confident in tightening monetary policy. Strong growth, diminished excess capacity, and rising inflation and interest rates are all consistent with an economy in the later stages of its business cycle.

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Solar, wind and water – part 2

The Ritcey Report

May 3, 2018

Part 2 of a 3-part investigation

Last month I posted a blog entitled Powering your portfolio with solar, wind and water. The response was immediate and widespread. You want to know more. Fair enough. So I have decided to expand on the i subject in more detail giving each issue – solar, wind and water – a dedicated blog.

Part 2: Wind investments

According to data produced by the American Wind Energy Association – as reported in Investopedia1 – ‘wind energy accounted for only about 5% of the energy produced in 2016, but this number will surge to 20% by the end of the next decade. By comparison, solar energy accounts for less than 1% of all U.S. energy production.’

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