What we do

We offer our clients a uniquely personal wealth building experience based on direct contact with an accessible, competent, and motivated team. Below is a summary of just a few of the services we offer through Scotia Wealth Management.

Wealth management

Wealth Management, portfolio development and investment management are crucial elements in wealth building. But they only represent part of the story. We are strategic wealth managers. This means that we consider the total implications of wealth building, from financial and tax strategy, to insurance, estate planning, legacy creation, wealth transfer and more. All are ultimately connected. We can help you see the total picture.

Tax efficient solutions*

You worked hard to earn your money and you want to see as much of it as possible work for you. Building and protecting your wealth requires a careful look at your overall financial situation, particularly your own personal circumstances and the tax implications of your investments. By structuring the right mix of investments you could potentially pay less tax and ensure you are receiving optimal risk-adjusted returns.

(Please consult with your tax specialist as well)

Retirement planning

For some people, retirement means having the financial flexibility to change your daily routine without worrying about your finances. For others, it means sitting back and doing all the things you have wanted to do but never had the time to do. Starting today, we will help ensure that you reach your retirement goals and objectives, based on careful planning and the best possible counsel and advice. Let us help you get going.

Estate planning

Estate planning is about life – in the present and in the future. Most importantly, estate planning is about the life of your family, your loved ones and the peace of mind you get from helping to provide for their financial security. Whether your estate is large or of modest value, your estate plan should be part of your total financial strategy and based on solid financial planning principles. We’re here to help. Estate planning is offered through Scotiatrust.

Depending on your investment preferences and investable assets, we offer the Managed Portfolio Program.

Unique to Scotia Wealth Management, this is a customized discretionary account designed and administered exclusively for you. Supported by an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) incorporating your specific return expectations, income requirements, risk tolerance, time horizon, and tax considerations, this account is managed personally by Dave Ritcey. Talk to Dave about it.

Scotia Wealth Management enjoys a well-earned reputation for offering excellent dividend-paying Canadian equity, specifically through our Canadian Income Plus Guided Portfolio.

Structured and disciplined, this portfolio is diversified across the broad sectors of the Canadian economy. Actively managed, closely monitored and supported by regular updates on performance, this portfolio is designed for conservative investors whose primary objective is regular income with modest capital appreciation. Talk to Dave about it.

The Ritcey Team have been working with high net worth women (married, single or divorced) for most of our professional lives. We understand the unique relationship women have with their money. Talk to Dave or Kate about how we can help you.

“Women have long been relegated to the side-lines of the financial services sector, where advisers have traditionally focused on men and their money. Now the tables are turning and wealth managers face an unprecedented transformation as more women outlive their spouses, hold an increasing share of jobs and take greater control over family finances.”
The Globe and Mail, August 9, 2014