Strategic wealth management

The Ritcey Report

Written by Lynn Healy-Goulet
November 29, 2016

Strategic wealth management is a robust, forensic process that stands at the apex of a powerful range of financial, investment, tax management, estate and trust services that the Ritcey Team and Scotia wealth specialists, offer our clients. Strategic wealth management is a three-stage effort: discovery, analysis and action plan.

Available to select individuals, families, executives, business owners and incorporated professionals, strategic wealth management is a team-based, interdisciplinary approach to the ultimate challenge of building, protecting and growing the wealth of those with exceptional assets.

We engage in a comprehensive, forensic analysis of your assets: objectives, risk expectations and time horizon. Based on a series of candid personal discussions, including (as necessary) conversations with your accountant and lawyer, we develop a complete understanding of your personal, family, financial
and lifestyle circumstances.

Led by Portfolio Manager – Dave Ritcey, and supported by our experienced Scotia wealth specialists – including, but not limited to, a financial planning consultant, a tax specialist, a private banker, and an estate and trust consultant – we break down and configure the defining elements of the financial and investment life you lead. This analysis takes three weeks and culminates in the construction of a customized action plan built exclusively for you.

Action Plan
This is a blueprint, designed to extend initially over a 24-month period that identifies precisely where you want to go and the kind of support services you need in order to get there. Such services may include discretionary portfolio management, strategies for large concentrated stock positions and executive options, customized access to leverage estate and trust counsel – including
wealth transfer planning and more.

Your action plan is then presented to you for discussion and refinement. Once agreed upon it is implemented, monitored and adjusted as we proceed. Your action plan is punctuated by performance benchmarks that we strive to meet.

Once the initial 24-month implementation period has been completed, and your performance criteria is satisfied, we flexibly fulfill and do our utmost to exceed the requirements of
the action plan going forward. That is strategic wealth management. It works.