Strong fundamentals shine through noisy headlines

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Written by Iconic Group
May 22, 2018

Significant developments across global economic, political and market trends have accelerated in recent weeks with important implications for investors across asset classes. On the economic front, growth indicators have cooled from last year’s red-hot state but remain at a still-healthy, above-trend pace (such as the U.S. unemployment rate falling below 4%). Inflation has continued to creep higher in most major economies, lifting short and long-term interest rates over the past month. The political landscape remains fluid with the U.S. announcing its withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement, U.S.-China trade talks continuing with no tangible progress reported, NAFTA negotiations approaching a May 17th deadline set by the U.S. Congress (to allow enough time to approve a potential new deal in the current session), and the U.S.- North Korea summit set for June 12th.

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