The real meaning of wealth

The Ritcey Report

Written by Lynn Healy-Goulet
August 15, 2016

When The Ritcey Team thinks about wealth, we think about the pleasures and pastimes wealth enables us to enjoy. Wealth, in our book, is not about being acquisitive. It’s about having the resources to live life to the fullest. That’s why we count ourselves lucky to live, work and play in a place like Nova Scotia.

If the provinces of Canada were children, we sometimes think that Nova Scotia would be the cute kid who charms the world – with our lupin-studded fields, picture-perfect lighthouses and lightly lapping waves on sandy shores. That’s one side of the coin.

But then you put us in a hockey rink or a fishing boat in a strong gale and another side comes out. Good looks aside, our near island and her residents are tough, resourceful and – sometimes – contentious. We enjoy a drink, a song, a dance and a new face to share in these maritime traditions.

Among the innumerable pleasures wealth enables us to afford, is travel. So whether you’re a Nova Scotia native or a potential out-of-province visitor, our part of the world is blessed with a range of destinations and experiences that are – quite simply – world class.

Trouble is, even the most imaginative of us can take our own backyard for granted. Pressures of work and family and other obligations all too often put the brake on adventure and escape. C’mon!

The Ritcey Team does not pretend to be travel agents. But we like the idea of exploration, in wealth building and in life. So it is in that spirit that we’ve put together a checklist of Nova Scotia destinations and experiences that we think anyone reading this blog might get a kick out of:

  • Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.
  • Pier 21.
  • Our breweries.
  • Citadel Hill & Fort George.
  • Driving (and kayaking) the South Shore.
  • Peggy’s Cove.
  • Mahone Bay.
  • Lunenberg.
  • Ironworks Distillery.
  • Cape Breton and the Cabot Trail.

For more information about these and other remarkable Nova Scotia destinations, go to:

Enjoy! The Ritcey Team.