The Ritcey Team & Scotia Wealth Management Present

The Ritcey Report

Written by Lynn Healy-Goulet
August 23, 2016

One of the major preoccupations of The Ritcey Team is to help our growing group of older, conservative clients find investments that deliver regular income with modest capital appreciation.

If that’s the bulls-eye you’re aiming for, then you owe it to yourself to click on the link below and spend a few moments learning about The ScotiaMcLeod Income Plus Guided Portfolio.

Click here to watch video.

The ScotiaMcLeod Income Plus Guided Portfolio relies on shares of well-established, financially strong, conservative Canadian companies with an excellent track record of earnings and dividend growth. Diversification is achieved by making 10 to 15 investments over a minimum of five sectors.

At the conclusion of the presentation, you will find several important additional pieces of information including:

  • The Current Portfolio Composition
  • Cumulative Performance – yearly performance since inception
  • Historical Performance – quarter by quarter performance, plus an average annual rate of return since September 15, 1999

As a Wealth Advisor and Portfolio Manager working directly with the investment professionals within the ScotiaMcLeod Portfolio Advisory Group, I hope you agree with me that these performance numbers are consistently impressive.

The bottom line?

The Canadian Income Plus Guided Portfolio has proven to be a less volatile but strong absolute and relative performer based on its combination of income and modest capital appreciation.

It’s a sound investment and to find out more call Dave Ritcey today: 902-678-0048.