The U.S. Election

The Ritcey Report

Written by Lynn Healy-Goulet
October 18, 2016

Increasing numbers of Ritcey Team clients are asking us about the potential impact of the forthcoming U.S. Presidential Election.

The Scotia Wealth Management Global Portfolio Advisory Group recently issued (October 12, 2016) a briefing about the matter, entitled The Impact of the U.S. Elections on its Neighbours to the North.

Structured into five key sections: 1) Economic Policy 2) Taxes 3) Foreign Policy 4) Global Trade 5) Immigration, the document is an incisive analysis of the respective policies of Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Supported throughout by detailed sources, and enlivened by an explanation of the U.S. electoral process – “one of the most complicated in the world”, as the document makes plain – the briefing is supported by a description of the possible economic, fiscal and political impact of those policies for both the U.S. and Canada.

Clear, concise and brilliantly written, it is one of the most helpful interpretations of the current U.S. presidential election you will find anywhere.

The document, co-authored by Chelsea Campbell and Denise Davids, has the added advantage of enabling anyone reading it to rise above the frequently bilious exchanges of the candidates, their surrogates and an increasingly polarized U.S. media, and actually understand the very real policy differences between them.

As the authors observe: “The policy agendas of both candidates are radically different, with Clinton expected to deliver ‘much of the same’ as the Obama Administration, while Trump has promised to implement profound changes if elected. Both candidates, however, agree on the need for fiscal stimulus, namely through infrastructure spending. This could lead to increased Federal budget deficits and debt issuances.”

This briefing should be required reading for anyone interested in the U.S. presidential election and can be accessed in full here.

It is exceptional.